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"Renee guided me through my divorce with the combination of qualities I needed in an attorney: Fierce intelligence, empathy and protective endurance. Last, but not least, Renee's upbeat demeanor and radiant smile, under all circumstances, was what got me through a very trying time. While there is so much loss when it comes to going through a divorce, I count Renee Wetstein as one of my gains; I couldn't have gotten through it without her."

- Nanette Vonnegut

"With Renee’s help, I recently finalized my divorce. I feel very fortunate to have found Renee. Right from the start she helped me feel comfortable with the process. She is very good at what she does, working well with my wife’s attorney and the whole legal process. She is very smart and extremely competent and I am very satisfied with the result. A few things really impressed me about Renee and made her stand out from all other attorneys I have worked with. First, is how responsive she was through the whole process. She always responded quickly, whether to opposing council or to my emails, even on weekends and evenings, she was always there. Secondly, although her hourly fee is comprable to what other attorneys charge, she truly only charges for the actual time she spends. I am amazed at how little the entire process ended up costing, and at how accurate her original estimate was. Finally, she was just so nice to work with; very aggressive in representing my interests and so supportive of me. I would strongly recommend Renee if you are going through a divorce."

- Steven Johnson

"I'm just on the other side of a contentious and angry divorce, that took 1 1/2 years to sort out. Renee was instrumental not only in keeping me sane during all of this, but also in making absolutely sure that my best interests were maintained in the settlement. When I was liable to just throw up my hands and say "oh screw it, I don't care!" Renee would say "I do: let's think about what you'll have to live on in 5 or 10 or 25 years." She had my back, and she spoke up for my needs again and again."

- Sara Eddy

"Acadia Adoption Center in Maine has worked with Renee Wetstein on many adoptions and she is amazing to partner with. She has represented both birth parents and adopting parents, and is able to share about the process in a way that puts everyone at ease. Every state’s laws and procedures vary significantly with adoptions, and Renee is always kind, respectful, and knowledgeable in every aspect of adoption law. If an unexpected challenge or perceived obstacle comes up, she is right there (to roll up her own sleeves) and does whatever needs to be done to find a solid resolution."

- Acadia Adoption Center

"Renee has brilliance, enthusiasm, and sense of humor that defuse even the most contentious situations. She guides gently but persuasively and takes the time to address all of your concerns and fears. But it is her skillful usage of kindness and humor that assist in overcoming obstacles both in yourself as well as with an opponent. And she doesn't surrender the goals you seek."

- Steve Ferrarone

"Renee played a critical role in finalizing the adoption of our two children. She is professional, pleasant to work with and most importantly her heart is in the right place! She helped bring our family together and put our minds at ease. While adoption can be extremely emotional on many levels, she made the legal process as easy as possible. She is a real saint and we are forever grateful for her!"

- Kristina Donehew